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Data theft causes businesses costs of several million Euros every year.

tetraguard protects your business against data theft automatically and securely!

Nearly every week we read and hear news about data theft in the media. Not long ago, data theft and industrial espionage were focused on international companies. Today, almost every form and size of company is at risk.

At tetraguard systems, we develop our technologies in-house with our own approach: We implement an encryption technology based on an AES algorithm. The data which are copied on replaceable media such as CDs/DVDs, USB sticks, or MP3 players will be encrypted automatically and decrypted when reading data. Within the company, the tetraguard concept offers full flexibility: Data can be forwarded between colleagues on media as required. The encrypted data is recognized automatically and displayed without encryption within the company network. Outside the company network, the data cannot be read. For sharing data with external users, e.g. when copying and saving them to USB sticks or CDs/DVDs, an authorisation key, i.e. a USB key provided by tetraguard, is required.

Many established customers from the areas of cities/communities, ministries and industry trust our competence.


tetraguard has presented its solutions to encryption, endpoint-security and DLP on the it-sa 2016.


tetraguard protects your data while copying unauthorised on:
  •   USB, Firewire
  •   Floppy Disk
  •   Memory-Sticks
  •   CD/DVD Burners
  •   MP3 Player
  •   external Harddrives
  •   Digital Cameras
  •   other
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